Running total processing journal entries

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Running total processing journal entries

Hi all

I want to create a job which takes a current stock level for a product in a warehouse/location (in an inventory management system), journal entries describing stock moving into or out of a location (which have a date, location, product number and a quantity on them) and from there, work backwards in time to give a monthly stock level for each product in each location.

I have got to the point where I have a list of location/product/dates (which I generated from a calendar dimension tmapped to my stock locations table and my products table) and I have another record set of my current stock levels/stock movements.

What I cannot figure out how to do is to keep a "running" total, from date to date, going back in time.


For warehouse/stock location 'ABC1' and product number 'A0001', current stock (today - 21/2/2011) is 1000. I have a record dated 10th January 2011 for this product/warehouse which moves 100 into this warehouse (so before that date, the stock would have been 900). And another record dated 12th November 2010 which moves 200 in (so before this date the stock was 700).

I would like to run a job which, against my list of location/product/dates, can keep a running total and add this to the appropriate record. So my "end of January 2011 record" would have 1000 in it, my "end of December 2010" record would have 900 in it, my "end of November record 2010" would have 900 in it and my "end of October 2010" record would have 700 in it.

Does that make sense?

Any help much appreciated!

Kind regards,



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