Producing Jasper report from Talend

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Producing Jasper report from Talend

Hi all,

Just wondering if someone can give me a (simple) guide on how to produce a jasper report from Talend - relatively new to Jaspersoft but have a good understanding of Talend.
I've being trying this for days and I can't get anything to work.
* I've created a report in Jaspersoft called jasper_talend (all the necessary files have been created too). The chart that is produced is just based on a simple select statement from a postgresql database. The output of this file is ok.
* I've have then tried using both the tJasperOutput and the tJasperOutputExec, entering all the details as required but I'm not getting anywhere. When I use tJasperOutputExec I'm getting an error stating "Talend String cannot be resolved".

1. First off, is my understanding correct in assuming Talend can produce a Jaspersoft report/graph once the Jaspersoft files have been created?
2. Do I need to feed in information or will that information be kept in the Jasper files I've created at the beginning?
3. What inputs / outputs do I need to hook up to the jasper components in Talend to get this working?

Begging anyone for help on this as I'm beginning to get very frustrated.

thanks in advance.
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Re: Producing Jasper report from Talend

sorry just realized this is in the wrong place................sorry first post.


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