Introducing Talend Data Streams


Introducing Talend Data Streams

NOTE: Talend Streams has been replaced with Pipeline Designer. More information about this new Talend application in Pipeline Designer introduction


We are excited to announce Talend Data Streams for AWS, a new free offering for self-service integration. Talend Data Streams is built with streaming and cloud capabilities at its core. 


With Talend Data Streams, you can utilize streaming messaging services like Kafka, Kinesis, and Google Pub/Sub. Additionally, this app enables schema-on-read design, so you don’t need to worry about changing schemas breaking your pipelines. There is also a live preview feature that allows you to see how your data changes in real-time at every step of your design process in the same design canvas where you are building your pipeline. Last, due to the the rise of popularity of Python for data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts, Data Streams also has a built-in component allowing you to extend integration with your own Python code.


Unlike our past offerings, everything you need to run Talend Data Streams for AWS is packaged within an easy-to-launch AMI on the AWS Marketplace. The free application is available on AWS Marketplace now with no software cost. To launch Talend Data Streams for AWS, please visit our AWS Marketplace page.


This is a new product, so we are very interested in any feedback that you have as you’re working with the application. If you have any questions, run into any issues, or if you have any feedback to give, please leave a reply on this post!

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Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams

Good to have similar on Azure


Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams

Azure Marketplace is definitely in our plan. Would love to hear more your thoughts! 



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Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams

Is there a community version 'released', or planning to do so?
So we can download and install our own environment and integrate with Kafka? No cloud... on premises, to see realtime metrics with as few delays/latency as possible and stream it to whatever whenever ?


Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams



As we launch Talend Cloud Data Streams later this year, you will be able to run pipelines with data on-prem using what's called a Remote Engine.  I understand your question is around a download however. Given that TOS is already available, and aimed at technical users, how important would it be to offer Data Streams for download?



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Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams

First of all, I'm a technical user, and I want to experiment and tweak stuff.
Second, the cost of running a cloud instance isn't 'cheap' so for testing, engineering and educational purposes, install, config, parallel processing, etc.

Could you please eloborate a bit more on the platform and how it's build op? a real technical doc?

Re: Introducing Talend Data Streams

Thanks for the feedback. Our thoguhts are that users working with cloud workloads will 'accept' the costs of running a free instance for building pipeline.


The entire platform is a built a set of micro-services. A technical explanation of the architecture will be something that will come later in the year when we launch the commercial version on Talend Cloud. 


Thanks agian for feedback


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