Hardware Requirments

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Hardware Requirments

What is the Hardware Requirements to Talend Open Studio?
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Re: Hardware Requirments

I got the same question in the online test for talend certification. And didn't found the answer.
@shong: You link will explain the installation but not hardware requirements (memory, cpu, hd space).
Generally you have to distinguish between job design and execution. For execution you need a JVM / Perl installed (depending on creation language) and the following
HD: negligible, only libs and your job
RAM: depends on your job
CPU: depends on your job
For job design you need JVM and Perl installed (Perl if you would like to create a perl script). And additional I would suggest:
HD: 0,5 GB or above
RAM: 1 GB or above
CPU: ???
(Wow, this was my 1000 post Smiley Wink )
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Re: Hardware Requirments

Hi volker,
I have a large input dataset three lots of 10000 files each, my job does some mappings unique rows and it has some 14 output files
running each lot takes somthing around 2-3 hrs on my i5 machine.
it hangs couple of times in between and sometimes it ""Hangs Till death"" lol.
Please advise what machine i require to do it smoothly.

HD: ???
RAM: ???
CPU: ???

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