Conditional migration daily basis

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Conditional migration daily basis


I am new to Talend. I have a job which runs once in a day. My input database is mssql server and output database mysql and whenever this job runs it should transfer only the difference.(e.g it should migrate only newly added row in mssql to mysql).
I have tried to create a log table in mssql and during migration input component will read the log table and transfer the rows those have id>last log id
(PFA job design image)
But here I am not able to store last inserted id in mssql server log table. Please guide me what will be the best way to design this job.

Input Component mssql query

select .Subject_ID, SB_Desc,Level_ID from Subjects,migration_log1 where tblSubjects.Subject_ID>migration_log1.log_id

Re: Conditional migration daily basis

where are you maintaining your control table in the job? try using a subjobOK to another input that selects the MAX(log_id) from your Subjects table and inserts it to your control table.
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Re: Conditional migration daily basis

Thanks John,

My control table in mssql server (input component). Can you please guide me how to map MAX(subject_id) with the log_id column in output component.
PFA screen and help me

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Re: Conditional migration daily basis

Have you tried changing the properties of Mysql input component to "Update or Insert" instead of just insert?
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Re: Conditional migration daily basis


Job only have one Mysql out with and also 2 mssql input and I can set "Update or Insert" only for output component not for input possible for input component.
I have tried "Update or Insert" in both mssql output component but I am getting exception

Exception in component tMSSqlOutput_2
java.lang.RuntimeException: For update, Schema must have a key
at etl_jgate.ietl_subject_1_0_1.ETL_Subject_1.tMSSqlInput_2Process(

Please help for how to do conditional migration from periodic job

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Re: Conditional migration daily basis

For update, Schema must have a key

For update or delete, you must set one or more column as a key on schema.

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