Check your translation work in Talend Open Studio 3.1.0M2!!

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Check your translation work in Talend Open Studio 3.1.0M2!!

Dear co-translators!

The milestone 2 of Talend Open Studio 3.1.0 is available for download on Talend home site.
It includes all the translations done until lately on the babili portal, no matter the language, so yours is probably there too!

Note that Talend Open Studio is a Rich Client based on eclipse RCP, therefore part of the software menus are linked to eclipse language packs.
Until we package the language packs from Eclipse into our next build, if you want to see the most translated version of the software in your language, we recommend you to download your local language pack from Eclipse website. For more information regarding the installation instruction for this language pack, please check this post: [topic]5897[/topic]

Note that is not mandatory in order to see your translation from babili but might help you identify more easily what is left to translate.

Download TOS 3.1.0 M2 and check out your translations!
What is left in English has either been overlooked by the internationalization team, and it will be included in a next round, or is left to be translated in babili (so, get back to work on the Talend Babili site!)...
Note that the translations are NOT validated, as we are about to organize the validation cycle using this build, so if you want to be part of it, let us know through this forum!!
Off course, it's far from perfect as we still need to handle the truncated translations, the non-internationalized parts, the untranslations, the validation... But already great job!

Thanks a million for all your help in making this happen!

Note that we are about to merge the "Talend Open Studio" and "Components" parts on the babili portal, to make things easier for you to translate, as both GUI and Components are displaying on the talend open studio.
Note also that the M2 is an intermediate version of 3.1.0 that is not guaranteed as stable. Check out more details about the M, RC and GA versions on



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