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Can't locate List/ in @INC

Hi all
I get the above error when trying to define an excel file in the Metadata folder. I get this error on the Output table, Step 3 of 4 of adding a Metadata File to a Repository.
Does anyone know how to resolve this? I assume I have to install some perl module called MoreUtils...but I can't see to find how to do this. It also does not show up in my Perl Package Manager...
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Re: Can't locate List/ in @INC

The ActivePerl module must be named List-MoreUtils (but you should find it by searching "MoreUtils").
My advice is to install release 3.1.1 that embeds Perl and many useful modules for Talend Open Studio (including Oracle and List::MoreUtils)
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Re: Can't locate List/ in @INC

Hey man
Thanks, I was able to find the module like you said. All downloaded and working Smiley Happy