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The Turning theory into practice: Job Example in the 2.4_a Users Guide do not seem to exist.
There is a post Index » Non technical discussions » "Turning theory into practice" files which responds with
Please see Où trouver des fichiers exemples ? Where to find files examples ?
Which I re-post here...
To have ready-to-use Job Designs at your disposal, import the Demo Project include in Talend Open Studio.
Simply follow the steps below:
* Launch Talend Open Studio
* In the login window, click on Demo
* Choose Java or Perl Demo Project
* Click on Finish to complete the operation
* Choose the TALENDDEMOJAVA or TALENDDEMOPERL on the "Existing" list
* Click on Ok
Now... How to install the example files?
In Java Demo Project: Open the job named beforeRunJobs and execute it to install the example files
The beforeRunJobs requires a internet connexion. If you don't benefit of it, please use the Zip stored on the node Documentation:
* Export the job nammed "Zip use by RunBeforeJobs"
* Unzip the zip in the folder "C://talend_files"
Note: the default folder used to store the example files is "C://talend_files". To change this value, let's open the node Contexts in the Repository and let's change the value of the var nammed "defaultDir"!

In Perl Demo Project: The example files are generated when you execute the Output jobs. For example, when you execute the job "tFileOutPutDelimited", the generated file will be used by the job "tFileInputDelimited".
Some errors?
I have test each jobs of the DemoProjectJava. I found a half-dozen errors (more than 150 items): sorry for the Inconvenience. Everything will be corrected in the next release. Meanwhile ... Here's how to correct these jobs:
* In the jobs using components tFileOutput, make sure "Create directory exist if no" is checked
* If an error message speak about a path, verify that the Context indicates the variable defaultDir ... otherwise create it (on Windows, the value is C://talend_files)
* Finally, throughout the jobs of this project Demo, links OnSubJobOk should only be directed downwards
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But even after all of this, no file called California_clients.csv
Can someone let me know if this Tutorial is no longer valid?

Re: California_Clients.csv

Dear user,
To turn theory into practice, we propose several resources :
- Tutorials (video) published in
- Job Design Scenari described in our documentation
- A Demo Project included in Talend Open Studio
This 3 resources are independant, the examples files are not common.
In the documentation - page 160 - the Job Design scenario are uses the file "California_clients.csv". Like all the file and database schema quoted in the User Guide, you don't find its in the Demo Project.
However, about the "page160 scenario", the data aren't important, you can realize this exercice with any csv file! You have installed the example files of the Demo Projet. By example, you can use the file C:\talend_files\in\csv\customer1.csv
I'm not surprised by this misunderstanding (demo project, documentation scenari, tutorials). It's not simple to include all the documentation scenari in the Demo Project, but why not include the example files? In the future release, we will make an effort to this point.


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