Bind Mismatch: called with xx bind variables when yy are needed

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Bind Mismatch: called with xx bind variables when yy are needed

I have a similar issue to:
Version 2.1.0.M1_r3483
I am using a schema type of repository on my tOracleOutput with no additional columns and all my DB columns are nullable. I get the execute failed with xx bind variables when yy are needed message. I guess I would assume (bad assumption) that since my repository schema has all these marked as nullable that if I did not explicitly map to them they would be well null on insert. This has been the case in the past, but I only had a handful of them not mapped. In this instance I have 126 columns and only have 16 mapped. Column numbers in the tMap would be a nice editor tweak.
I have a workaround, but would prefer the tMap to use reflection on the repository for nulls.
Option A) I created an expression ''=var_NULL and mapped it to all the other fields (I couldn't find an easy way to cut/past that same value to all the other fields had to do it one by one) maybe someone knows an easier way to cut paste in the outputs?
Option B) I could remove these from my map, but I don't like that either. I want to see these fields as I map more and more and test the loads
In the end for this job that's where it is at only 16 fields will be mapping. Removing the fields from the tMap is also bad because it then marks the tOracleOutput as schema type builtin.
Here was the actual error for completeness...
----- Error -----
DBD:Smiley Surprisedracle::st execute failed: called with 98 bind variables when 126 are needed at C:\TOS-V2.1.0M1\workspace\.Perl\ line 2133, <GEN0> line 2.
can't execute insert query
Issuing rollback() for database handle being DESTROY'd without explicit disconnect().
A thread exited while 2 threads were running.
Job Munich_Load_1 ended at 03:12 08/06/2007.
----- Error -----
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Re: Bind Mismatch: called with xx bind variables when yy are needed

Hi. I had a similar problem with tOracleOutput. If last columns unmapped, Talend doen not generate code for them. If you do not want to delete the columns, try what I did. I just defaulted unmapped columns to empty string. Two double quotes. "". It forces Talend to generate code for the unmapped columns. I think it might be a bug.
Hope this helps


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