How to use a Microsoft Windows UNC file path

Some Talend Studio components, such as tFileInputRaw, can use the Microsoft Windows UNC naming convention, as shown in the examples below:




Ensure Talend components and Jobs can access files like testfile.txt, by accessing the UNC path from the computer where your Job is running, typically the machine where Studio resides.


To verify that you can access the files, type your path into File Explorer, as shown below:




If your file opens, you have access and should not have any problem running your Job from the computer where Studio resides.


If you have any trouble accessing the files when the Job runs on your JobServer, make sure that your JobServer can access that UNC path from the JobServer computer.


In this example, the JobServer is running on a Windows machine and runs as the Local System account, as shown below:




To verify the JobServer user has access to the UNC path, go to the JobServer machine and use File Explorer to access the path the same way you did on your local Studio machine.

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