How to update the auto-refresh settings for the TAC Project Authorization and Job Conductor pages

Problem Description

How to update the auto-refresh rate and reload page settings for the TAC Project Authorization page and the Job Conductor Page.



You need to go into the TAC database and locate the table configuration for both the Project Authorization Page and the Job Conductor Page.

  1. Go into the TAC db.
  2. Select the current TAC Schema.
  3. Go into the Configuration table.
  4. Run the following query:

    "select * from configuration where `key` like '%refresh%';"


    This will show the variables within the TAC db that control the auto-refresh rate of the Project Authorization page, and those that control the refresh page setting for Job Conductor, as shown below:

    refresh rate in tac.PNG


    The variable that controls Project Authorization is admin.userProjectAuthorization.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency and for Job Conductor, it is scheduler.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency.

  5. Set the variables according to your requirements. For example:

    • Setting admin.userProjectAuthorization.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency to 90 causes it to refresh every 90 seconds. 0 or -1 doesn't stop the auto-refresh because it is a full-time refresh, and will instead ensure it auto-refreshes every 1 second.
    • By default, scheduler.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency is set to 0 or 1 to ensure it refreshes every 1 second. Change it as necessary for your environment.
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