How to set up CPU affinity for Master Data Management on Linux


Due to Talend Master Data Management (MDM) licensing restrictions, you may be required to set up CPU affinity.



A MDM Server service must be enabled.


Steps to proceed with systemctl

  1. Edit the /etc/systemd/system/talend-mdm-7.0.1.service file, and add a new line in the Service section:

    CPUAffinity=<cpu id>

    This parameter takes a list of CPU indices or ranges separated by either whitespace or commas. CPU ranges are specified by the lower and upper CPU indices separated by a dash.



  2. Reload the systemctl daemon:

    systemctl daemon-reload



  3. Start the service:

    systemctl start talend-mdm-7.0.1.service




Steps to proceed with legacy service

  1. Edit the /etc/init.d/talend-mdm-6.0.1 file, and update the function start():

    taskset -a -c <cpu id> ./

    This parameter is used to specify a numerical list of processors. The list may contain multiple items, separated by commas and ranges, for example, 0, 5, 7, 9-11.



  2. Start the service:

    service talend-mdm-6.0.1 start




Retrieve a process's CPU affinity

  1. Check the status of the service to get the PID of the MDM Server:

    systemctl status talend-mdm-7.0.1.service


    Or use this command:

    ps -ef |grep mdm


  2. Use the taskset command to get the current affinity list:

    taskset -c -p <PID>



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