How to perform a telnet test to validate connectivity to a POP server


When connecting to a POP server, the following error occurs:


Exception in component tPOP_1
at javax.mail.Service.connect(
at test_project.wordprocessingpoi_0_1.wordProcessingPOI.tPOP_1Process(
at test_project.wordprocessingpoi_0_1.wordProcessingPOI.runJobInTOS(
at test_project.wordprocessingpoi_0_1.wordProcessingPOI.main( 


This message indicates that the username and password are not correct for the POP connection.



Use the telnet command to verify POP server connectivity and credentials. Perform the test with the same credentials being used on the Job.

From a prompt, type:

telnet Server_address 110
pass yoursecretpassword

Type the following command to present a numbered list of emails in the mailbox:


Type the following command to display email number 1:

retr 1

Exit the session by entering:

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