How to make an execution plan task dependent

Problem Description

You have four tasks, as shown in the Execution Plan below:

  • Task A

    • Job 1

  • Task B

    • Job 1

    • Job 2

  • Task C

    • Job 1

  • Task D

    • Job 1

You want Task D to run after Task B is finished. Currently, there is a CRON trigger to start Task D at 12 AM, and the Execution Plan starts at 11 PM. If the Execution Plan doesn't finish before 12 AM, the results may be skewed because Task D will fire regardless.



There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Place Task D into the same Execution Plan as Task A, B, and C, so it automatically fires after the plan starts.

  2. Using a tRunJob component, place Task D as a subJob into Job 1 of Task C. This makes it dependent on running the previous Job first and accomplishes what you want, but only as a part of the Job/subJob of Task C.

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