How to Back up and Restore TAC's DB and SVN

Talend Version          6.1.1


Restore TAC and SVN from Backup
Additional Versions 5.6.x and above
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The TAC database and SVN Repository are the two main and most important elements to back up. With these two backups, you can restore your Jobs repository and TAC's environment, and you would be able to rebuild/redeploy the tasks.

How do you backup and restore the TAC database and SVN Repository?

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To back up, you can use TAC's own scheduling back up feature.

See Backing up databases and SVN repositories on the Talend Help Center. Alternatively, you can use your own database backup tool/command.


Note: If the TAC is configured with a default H2 database, then a daily backup is automatically performed, and is stored under the TOMCAT/TAC-DIR\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\database\backups\ folder.


How to restore the TAC Database also depends on your database flavor, as each database has its own tool/command on how to restore a database. For the default H2 database, you need to take (unzip) the latest talend_administrator.h2.db from the \backups\ folder, and use it to replace the one that is normally under the TOMCAT/TAC-DIR\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\database\ folder.


Once restored, especially if the restored TAC database is on a different machine/hostname/IP, or using different schema/name, or with different user/password, then from the TAC's "login page" you need to click Go to db config page and enter the details of your newly restored db.


Also, with SVN, you can restore using SVN's svnadmin load command. For example:

svnadmin load /talend/svn/repotis < svn_repotis.dump

where /talend/svn/repotis and svn_repotis.dump are the respective path and name used to store the dump file you created.


For details, see


Note: Only the repository is restored, not the users.


If the restored SVN is on a different machine/hostname/IP, or using different user/password, then you need to go to the TAC > Settings > Configuration > Svn tab and enter the new details.

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