HOWTO: Clear the Talend Administration Center (TAC) cache

It can be useful to "clear the TAC cache" for any number of issues that appear, either within TAC or from Studio.


At a high level:

  1. Stop TAC.
  2. Navigate to tac-installation-folder\apache-tomcat\ and clear all contents of the temp and work folders.
  3. Clear the web browser cache.
  4. Restart TAC.

In the examples below, the TAC service is stopped and started manually, using the Talend-provided .sh and .bat files.



cd /opt/Talend-6.4.1/tac
cd apache-tomcat
rm -rf ./temp/*
rm -rf ./work/*
cd ..



cd C:\Talend\6.4.1\tac
cd apache-tomcat
del /Q /s /F temp\*
del /Q /s /F work\*
cd ..
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