wrong context used on tac

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wrong context used on tac

hi, I m using Tac (6.11) from a long time.
I deploy two time the same job using two distinct context.
when I run the second job it run with the first contexte!
I have to force use of custom context values (who are equal to custom one) to run it with the second context!
Is it a bug or a feature


Francois Denis

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Re: wrong context used on tac

Hello Francois Denis,

We need to have a webex session to diagnose this issue to see if it is a bug on V 6.1.

Could you please created a case on talend support portal?

Best regards


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Re: wrong context used on tac

Hi, I have the same issue with the version 6.1.1, could you give me a feedback or a solution please ?


Re: wrong context used on tac



This potentially could be an issue, could you please add exact steps you did?


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