getting started with Talend Administration Center

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getting started with Talend Administration Center

I want to test use Talend Administration Center to administrate my Talend ETL jobs. I have a couple of queries as to how I can get this started,
1)What is the procedure to download and start using the Talend Administration Center? Does it require a license, if so, how can i get it, and what will be the duration of the trial pack?
2)Is is possible to administrate Talend ETL jobs or its meant only for Talend ESB Studio.
3)If so, can I configure Talend Administration Center with an Open Studio of Talend ETL or it works only for the enterprise edition?

Re: getting started with Talend Administration Center

When you buy an Enterprise or a Platform product, you receive an email with your license key and the links to download your products with Talend Administration Center(you can either install your products manually or install them with the Talend Installer).
For a detailed, please refer to TalendAdministrationCenterUserGuide.
In addition, Talend Administration Center can be used in Talend ETL jobs, however, it is only available in Talend Enterprise subscription version.
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Re: getting started with Talend Administration Center

Hi aj88,
Yes, Talend Administration Center is only available with Talend products on subscription.
Talend Administration Centre allows to administrate both ETL Jobs as well as ESB routes and services depending on the subscription you have.
Feel free to fill out the form so that a Talend representative get in touch with you and investigate the options for partnership or purchase.
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Re: getting started with Talend Administration Center

ok..Thanks a lot for replying to all my queries!! Smiley Happy Will fill it up.


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