Update License

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Update License

Hi everyone,
Our license of Talend Administration Center has expired. We got a temporary licence until we get a real new one. (image 1)
I am trying to update it but we don't have access to the internet on our server so I have got to use the manual validation.

Once I click on "Validate your license manually". This pop up appears: 
(image 2)
I understand that I have to open the link, there copy/paste the validation message in the first textbox and from there, I will get a new code to put in the "validate" textbox.
I have tried to do this but I get the message in red so I guess I do something wrong.
Any ideas ?
Thank you for your help !
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Re: Update License

Does validation of the license manually required? Once you input the license in TAC, it should automatically take it and there is no need to validate it manually.
You can also test this by logging to Studio or commandline to see if the license expiration warning still there or not.