Unable to List Jobs from GIT on TAC

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Unable to List Jobs from GIT on TAC

TAC server is successfully connected to GIT, it is showing all the branches available on GIT but not listing the jobs , just showing as standard jobs.

I can see SVN/GIT is Deprecated . what does that mean , and is that the issue?

i am using talend data management platform 7.0.1 enterprise version.





Re: Unable to List Jobs from GIT on TAC



looks like you do not have jobs in your project. In TAC Job Conductor we show 'Standard Jobs' only for selection. And 'SVN/GIT is Deprecated' means creating task from GIT/SVN source is deprecated and will be removed in comming versions. We recomend to use Nexus tasks instead.




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Re: Unable to List Jobs from GIT on TAC

project on GIT have around 20 jobs , we are working on remote connectivity mode only , so there is no issue of commit as well.

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