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Task Running in TAC Cannot Be Stopped


I ran a task in the TAC Job Conductor. The problem is that the status is stuck in "Running...". The Kill button doesn't do anything. It doesn't even say that it is requesting a kill. 

Does anyone know how to stop a rogue task/job?




Re: Task Running in TAC Cannot Be Stopped


You cannot login to the TAC and  issue a Manual Stop to do that? Have you tried to shut down the TAC? Which prevents all jobs from running.

Note: you should stop the TAC and delete the task in the TAC database in the table executiontasks (with checks to some referencing tables) and start the TAC again.

Let us know if it is Ok with you.

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Re: Task Running in TAC Cannot Be Stopped

I had the sys admin try to click the Kill button several times. 

We had to completely reboot the servers themselves to get it to stop the job.