Talend Server + Clustering

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Talend Server + Clustering



I am new to Talend and i need to set up talend server with clustering. The version i need to set up is  Talend Integation v6.4.1.

Can someone share the steps to achieve clustering?


So far i know there 4 components :


1. Tomcat server - To set up clustering , Is there a configuration within TAC or need to do configuration at Tomcat Server

2. Database - The default installation is H2 database, is H2 able to do clustering?

3. Visual svn server - Any configuration within TAC for clustering or need to configure from visual svn itself?

4. Job Server.


Re: Talend Server + Clustering


Please refer to this donline documentation which aims at users of Talend Administration Center who want to know how to work with clustered servers.


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Re: Talend Server + Clustering

Hello ,


Below is how i have achieved clustering feature on Talend on Linux ecosystem.


1. Install two instances of tomcat on two different servers.

2.Create a common database for TAC database stroage.(Oracle,MSSQL etc.)

3.Configure Talend Administration Center on both Tomcat and use the above database created rather default H2 database.

4.Install and Configure Apache WebServer on both servers(if you are doing the installation on 2 different boxes)

5.Create necessary set up to Webserver to route the URL to TAC URL.

6.Do load balancing on WebServer.

If you are using Windows, may be you need to use some kind of web server which i am not aware of.


Hope it helps. 





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