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Talend DI 6.2 : No jobserver logs in elasticsearch



I'm looking a solution in order to have the JobServer logs stored into the elasticsearch cluster (module LogServer).

The logstash is well configured (is listening on the TCP port 8055), but it seems that nothing is configurable in JobServer to define that the logs must be sent to logstash. The elasticsearch cluster contains only TAC logs


Version : Talend DI 6.2 / Linux Redhat 7.1


My question is similar than an old post, but I'm not sure if the proposed solution is correct


Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Talend DI 6.2 : No jobserver logs in elasticsearch


Only the Jobs including the relevant log components can gather the information data that will then be aggregated and shown on the Monitoring console.

Are you able to activate Log4J logging in your studio?

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