Talend Administration Center not running a job with tWebService

Talend Administration Center not running a job with tWebService

Hi All,
I am using Talend Administration Center to schedule  a Talend Job containing tWebService component. 
In order to upload the job into TAC I am building a job (stand alone) and importing the .zip file generated.
But when I am running/scheduling the job from TAC, the job is not running instead it is returning as stated below:
### Job STARTED  at 2017/03/09 13:03:59 (jobId=20170309_130354_m6DDw, jobExecutionId=20170309130359_Xx5Gp) ###
: scheduletest.ws_0_1.WS - TalendJob: 'WS' - Start.
: scheduletest.ws_0_1.WS - tWebService_1 null
Exception in component tWebService_1
at org.apache.cxf.common.util.Compiler.useJava6Compiler(Compiler.java:187)
at org.apache.cxf.common.util.Compiler.compileFiles(Compiler.java:141)
at org.apache.cxf.common.util.Compiler.compileFiles(Compiler.java:136)
at org.apache.cxf.endpoint.dynamic.DynamicClientFactory.compileJavaSrc(DynamicClientFactory.java:611)
at org.apache.cxf.endpoint.dynamic.DynamicClientFactory.createClient(DynamicClientFactory.java:370)
at org.talend.webservice.helper.ServiceInvokerHelper.createClient(ServiceInvokerHelper.java:144)
at org.talend.webservice.helper.ServiceInvokerHelper.getClient(ServiceInvokerHelper.java:135)
at org.talend.webservice.helper.ServiceInvokerHelper.invoke(ServiceInvokerHelper.java:236)
at scheduletest.ws_0_1.WS.tWebService_1Process(WS.java:884)
at scheduletest.ws_0_1.WS.runJobInTOS(WS.java:1308)
at scheduletest.ws_0_1.WS.main(WS.java:1111)

### Job ENDED WITH ERROR  at 2017/03/09 13:04:01 (jobId=20170309_130354_m6DDw, jobExecutionId=20170309130359_Xx5Gp) ###

Point being, when I am running the job directly from Talend Open Studio, by configuring the "Preferences>Talend>Java Interpreter>*/JDK/JAVA/BIN/ " the job is running successfully. But why I am not able to run the same job through TAC please help me.
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Re: Talend Administration Center not running a job with tWebService

First of all, the job will not run within the TAC, the job runs on a job server triggered by the TAC.
I suggest you connect your studio to the job server and send the job directly from your studio to the job server. This way you can check if the job itself has a problem with the runtime environment.
To do so, go to the Preferences -> Talend -> Run/Debug -> Remote and add the job server here to the list. This job server can be addressed in the Run view under Target Exec.
If the job works well this way, you know it is not your design and it is a problem of the deployment (perhaps the sources in SVN/Git are not updated correctly or any libs are missing etc.

Re: Talend Administration Center not running a job with tWebService

Can you please explain in detail about connecting a remote server to Talend studio and import and export code.
Thanks a lot,
Lalith Varanasi.
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Re: Talend Administration Center not running a job with tWebService

There is no further detail. Simply follow my advise and thats it.
I did not talked about import/export of code. My suggestion is simply: Let the job jun in a job server and do this with the studio.
The studio builds the job and sends it to the job server and start it there. 
This way you get an idea what went wrong with your job.

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