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Talend Administration Center Error

Hi all,
I use Talend 6.1.1 (with java 8), I have a job that do a insert with the component tverticaOutput. So, when i do the build from my local studio and then import my job in Talend Administration Center, no error occurred. Otherwise when I try to generate the job from Talend Administration Center and I try to run it, i had error:
Exception in component tVerticaOutput_3
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid OID: 115
at com.vertica.util.TypeUtils.getSQLTypeFromOID(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.util.TypeUtils.createTypeMetadata(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepareImpl(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepare(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepare(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.jdbc.SPreparedStatement.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.jdbc.VerticaPreparedStatementImpl.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.jdbc.VJDBCObjectFactory.createPreparedStatement(Unknown Source)
at com.vertica.jdbc.SConnection.prepareStatement(Unknown Source)
Could anyone help me please? Thanks

Re: Talend Administration Center Error

Are your studio and TAC server at the same machine?
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