Talend Activity Monitoring Console Web application

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Talend Activity Monitoring Console Web application

I'm in the process of installing the Administration center for ESB, this has been deployed and configured with components such as the job conductor, command line, esb etc.
One setting which I'm a little confused about is the Dashboard feature, it asks for an AMC url (defaulting to http://localhost:8081/amc). I have setup the AMC database and I am able to make a connection to this through the administration center and also the ESB studio.
Yet the documentation TalendActivityMonitoringConsole_UG_50a_EN.pdf states the following,
Note that in Talend Administration Center, Talend Activity Monitoring Console is a Web application that
has to be deployed in the Tomcat server to appear in the Talend Activity Monitoring Console menu. For
more information, see Talend Integration Suite Installation Guide.
Is there another war file that needs to be deployed on tomcat? I have looked for more information in the integration suite installation guide but I haven't been able to shed any light on this.
Any help would be appreciated

Re: Talend Activity Monitoring Console Web application

Hi Richie,
Yes there is, it's just not included in the default installer. In your license email, look in the Manual Installation section for a download link named "Talend-AMC_Web-r74687-V5.0.1.zip"
This zip file contains and amc.war file, which you need to deploy in Tomcat.
Then you will be able to have the AMC embedded inside the Administration Center.
This feature is brand new to 5.0.1, I guess it's why it hasn't been included in the documentation yet.

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