TAC shows job running, log shows it ended succesfully

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TAC shows job running, log shows it ended succesfully



I have an issue, that occurs randomly in DI 6.3.1.  The Job Conductor page shows all my jobs are running, but when I look at the job log, the last few lines look like the following:


### Job ENDED SUCCESSFULLY  at 2017/05/20 23:01:21 (jobId=20170511_150341_FYNGF, jobExecutionId=20170520000501_jBBoi) ###

When I log onto the job server, I don't see any additional PIDs, so it appears everythiing ended gracefully, but for some reason, the TAC still believes the job is still running.  I can't stop the job from the TAC either because it gets hung (Since there is no job to stop probably).   Is this a bug?  We are in the process of standing up the TEST/PROD environments, so I haven't seen this issue anywhere else.  Also, the initial install was 6.2.1 and then it was upgraded to 6.3.1.  The other environments are fresh 6.3.1 installs.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


Re: TAC shows job running, log shows it ended succesfully


Is there any error message in TAC log? Which is located in <ServersInstallationPath>\apache-tomcat-XXX\logs.

Have you already created a case on talend support portal?

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