TAC job deployment

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TAC job deployment

Hi Team

In TAC in job conductor i have Generated and deployed the job.

But when i am trying to run the same job job again it is generating and deploying.

So how to solve this issue.

Once the job is generated and deployed when i run the job it should simply run the job. But it is impregnating. Can you please help me out with this





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Re: TAC job deployment

Do you have the "Regenerate job on change" checked in the tac job? If so this may be causing your issues.  Anytime you modify that job in studio, then try to run via an already deployed version in the tac, it will try to regenerate + redeploy with the new changes if that box is checked.

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Re: TAC job deployment

What @evansdar said sounds like your issue. What version of Talend are you using? Were you not advised to use an artifact repository (Nexus) to keep your compiled jobs?



Re: TAC job deployment

@SaranyaKatakam , your TAC task is built using which option "git / nexus / .zip" ?

also uncheck the options suggested by group member.