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TAC SSO Error on Login Page

We have installed TAC 6.3 and I was able to login using the web app. I changed the SSO setting to 'true' under configuration and I get the following error: 'SSO prevent direct login by window,' and I'm not able to change the login credentials. I wasn't able to change any other SSO settings as we have not configured a service account for Talend. I have changed the configuration setting in the file (sso.field.useSSOLogin=false) and I changed the corresponding entry in the configuration table in the database to 'ENABLED=0' and VALUE='false.' I restarted the TAC services and I'm still getting the same error. Is there somewhere else to change SSO settings?


Re: TAC SSO Error on Login Page


Could you please take a look at this jira issue:

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Re: TAC SSO Error on Login Page

Hi Sabrina,

I looked at the jira issue and from what I understand, I should still be able to login by the enter key, correct? I saw on the screenshot in the jira issue that the login button was blue, but on my screen it is greyed-out.

I tried entering a username and password and clicking enter, but I'm still not able to login to TAC. Was there another fix mentioned in the jira issue?



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Re: TAC SSO Error on Login Page

Nevermind, I forgot to commit my update statement on the database side! Sorry about that. I now get the normal login screen.