Rundeck & Talend

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Rundeck & Talend

Hello dear community !

I am trying to use Rundeck to monitor and administrate my talend Jobs. I don't really get how to make this work...

I bluid the job in Talend which created a test_run.bat, a test_0.1.jar and 3 folders ( src, project_name, items).

I created a project and a Job in Rundeck, and in the job i inserted the directory to the test_run.bat file in the workflow section.

Of course it failed when I executed the job, I'm stuck... I'd really appreciate if anyone who already worked with rundeck to execute Talend jobs could help me out !


Re: Rundeck & Talend


We have a new feature about making an investigation how to use Rundeck ( for common tasks for Job Conductor in AMC project.

Are you trying to build you job as a standalone one and use the job script file(.bat file) on Rundeck? Are you able to successfully execute your .bat file in cmd?

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