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Parallel tasks Execution on TAC for single Talend reusable job

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I have  created a common template Talend job which is common for different tables load. I am looking for a work around to execute this template job for multiple tables in parallel. My input will be a table name and template job will take care of loading i want have multi thread concept where i can pass table name for different threads so it can execute all threads parallel and load all tables. For example, I have 20 tables and common job needs to be executed for these 20 tables parallel. My only input for each thread will be a different table name and all thread should execute parallel. Please let me know how to achieve in in TAC?





Re: Parallel tasks Execution on TAC for single Talend reusable job



You could achieve this by using execution plan in Talend Administrator Center. Your execution plan could have jobs running in Parallel and you could pass the tables names as context parameter. Note that your studio job needs to have the same context parameter names. Another point to note is that you will have to add these jobs in Job conductor.


Step1: add the jobs in job conductor



Step 2: Create Execution Plan



Step 3: pass the table name from TAC