Outcome of a run job

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Outcome of a run job


I've heard that Talend automatically creates a file where it writes whether a job is successful or not (perhaps with values ​​0 and 1). Where can I find this file? If not, is there a component that creates this file?

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Re: Outcome of a run job


look in this directory if that is what you are looking for. You have all the logs of your executions
folderInstall / jobserver / agent / TalendJobServersFiles / jobexecutions / logs

for each execution you have a repertoire, there are many ....


Otherwise looked into the AMC database


I do not know if this answer will help you



Re: Outcome of a run job


Talend Administration Center log is located in  <ServersInstallationPath>\apache-tomcat-XXX\logs

The commandline log is located in {cmdline installation path}\studio\commandline-workspace\.metadata 

If the job is scheduled in Job conductor, the job is executed in Job Server, you can find the job execution log in this path: <Job Server install dir>\TalendJobServersFiles\jobexecutions\logs

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