Monitoring for Talend processes?

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Monitoring for Talend processes?



We are planning to setup monitoring for Talend servers and would like to know the list of standard and monitoring processes that are required for each of the following servers.


1. Data Preparation

2. Execution Servers

3. TAC


Thanks & Regards,

Srivignesh KN

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Re: Monitoring for Talend processes?



are You have already running Talend Server?

if yes,

what You want monitor in addition to build in? what is the unresolved problem? 

I do not try to tell You - all fine :-) but still need start from the problem.


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Re: Monitoring for Talend processes?

Hi vapukov, 


Thanks for the reply.


Yes, i am running Talend server and trying to setup monitoring on this server in case of accidental restarts I want the Talend processes to start up automatically instead of manual interventions.


Appreciate your help.

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Re: Monitoring for Talend processes?

it is old article, but from this time - not a lot of changes -


with subscription version - all more or less fine.

TAC - really self contained and include most of what You need for execute, manage and monitor Jobs

For monitor TAC it self (TomCat) we use ManageEngine

In case of restart Talend Server (what type of failures You mean?) - Talend continue normal work, if it not start automatically for any reasons - it mean 200% manual investigation, what happens?



the questions start when need monitor Community version, there need more works 

In my environments (and because many projects done on community version):
- Scheduler notify if Job finish with error

- Job send email for not important parts , Slack for something more operative, OpsGenie for extremely important jobs

- Also few live ping mechanisms realised:
      - routes send regular (not for each processed message) message to ActiveMQ topic

      - Jobs store some timestamp information in database (we use this information in other places)

and separate independent Job - regular check topic and database and compare delay, if delay more than expected - send alarm


Best regards.



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