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Logging configuration in TAC

I have created one job and in  project  setting I have set  the path of files for  stats and logs  in  talend  studio.
After running this job in job conductor of tac  I want to see those logs and stats in logging dashboard of TAC.
What I want to achieve is when we run the job from tac , the console/files/database  log  data which we used to get  those data I wanted to see on logging tab of TAC. 
Is it possible ? If yes then
How to configure it  so that logging dashboard can pick those console/files/database  log  data  and show in dashboard.

Its too urgent :rolleyes:.Please if any one have any idea please share it .


Re: Logging configuration in TAC

Hi ashish.s,
Are you looking for
Best regards
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Re: Logging configuration in TAC

Thanks for the quick reply .
Yes I am looking for same. Smiley Happy
Also I need to know rather then creating connection from database Is there any way by which we can pick the data from  file system.
Right now as per requirement  I am loading the stats and logs in text/csv files.