List all Running Talend Jobs

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List all Running Talend Jobs



I wanted to know if there's a quickest way to list all the current running talend jobs in a server. I'm currently looking on Talend Administrator Center but it takes too much time to monitor as I'm looking it per project. 


Appreciate all your help.



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Re: List all Running Talend Jobs

Do we have any option to query the stuffs ? 


Currently we are using SQL Server SSIS and we are planning to migrate to Talend. We have a tool where it will list down the current status ( Running / Failure / Completed ) where it uses some system defined tables and it provides the result.


Such kind, do we have any stuffs in Talend also, apart from using API.


Re: List all Running Talend Jobs


Could you please let us know if this feature TalendHelpCenter:Talend Activity Monitoring Console is what you are looking for?

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Re: List all Running Talend Jobs

Hi Sabrina :


      Thanks for your reply. This is what we need. Please clarify the below point.


 As per my understanding, we have to setup the file / tables for Talend studio initially. We have to use the tables for any status queries ? . Is this correct ?