Jobserver cache

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Jobserver cache


I would like to have some details about Jobserver cache:

  • how can be enabled/disabled
  • how it works under the hood
  • how it can affect performance and governance

I found this old post jobserver cache but it doesn't exaclty answer my questions. Furthermore, no proof on official docs.


Re: Jobserver cache


The cache folder will contain all the supporting libraries external libraries, as well as the executable jar files in a unique folder under the lib parent cache folder. All the common libraries will be maintained in the cache folder where as the jobs and the routine jar files will be stored in specific folders (like version control) for each deployment of a job

Here is the path for cache on the execution server


The jobserver has a parameter to enable or disabling the caching of the jobs dependency.
Dependency checksum are calculated on each side before deployment. 

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