How to configure Talend Services to use SSL

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How to configure Talend Services to use SSL

I am using Talend ESB and I want to have more than one datasource connection pool.   The documentation provides a clear example of how to do this for a single pool and alias.  However, I cannot figure out how to configure the datasource-mysql.xml DBCP configuration file to support multiple pools/aliases.  I have read through the DBCP documentation and other resources and all seem to suggest this is something done on the application side rather than the server (Karaf/ServiceMix) side.


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Re: How to configure Talend Services to use SSL


Are you referring to document about:

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Re: How to configure Talend Services to use SSL

We got the initial instructions from the component reference guide which tells you to install the MySQL driver and Apache DBCP bundles. It then instructs you to create a datasource-mysql.xml file and place it in the deploy directory of the Karaf instance. This works just fine. However, you can only create one pool.
A colleague "discovered" a way to create more than one using the method described in the link you provided. However, we cannot figure out how to configure explicit values for each pool. For example, if I have one pool where I want a maximum of 10 connections and a second pool where I want a maximum of 100 connections, how would I configure that?
The Derby examples seem to rely too much on that particular database's support for explicit DBCP values which can be set in the Karaf console. The MySQL datasources on the other hand do not permit you to set any relevant values. Therefore, we have no idea how many connections we can have, what is the maxWait value, etc.
We are using the community edition. Perhaps the enterprise edition offers better control in these areas.


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