Help Disaster recovery plan

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Help Disaster recovery plan

Dear User's,


We are in a Process to prepare a Disaster recovery plan for  Talend.


1)We have taken backup of SVN and MYSQL db from TAC .

2)we have stored this backup on a drive 



Now question is what if we lost the SVN and something goes wrong , how do we restore this backup SVN and MYSQL db into Talend again ?


Little help will be appreciated.


Many Thanks.


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Re: Help Disaster recovery plan

To answer your ques "Now question is what if we lost the SVN and something goes wrong".

There could be multiple ways to deal with this situation:


1) Ideal way to deal this with situation is to get this answered from your vendor providing SVN support.

2) If you are managing SVN on your own, work out on a a SVN back up plan.

3) You can always save a ZIP of your project in a shared windows drive, from where you can re import in case of system crash or any other issue.

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Re: Help Disaster recovery plan

Can you please elaborate or give me answer in steps? how to take a backup of project ?

i have taken backup of SVN and its in my hard drive, now something happens and server crashes for whatsoever reason , now please tell me how do i restore the SVN which i have backed up??


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Re: Help Disaster recovery plan

You're talking about restoring the repository provided by enterprise edition in a disaster recovery scenario? This sounds like a good time to contact technical support. This is a community forum more focused on developing Talend jobs.
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Re: Help Disaster recovery plan



I am aware of that , its specific to Talend development , but just wanted  an idea...

Any ways thanks...



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