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File Trigger

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I need to trigger my jobs based on file.

In prod Tac when we go for virtual server what is the Execution server we need to choose.

In Dev i have only one option execution server i selected that its working fine.

In Prod we have 4 servers under virtual server which one do i need to choose.

Other than this are their any other reasons for the job to not trigger based on File Trigger.FW.PNG






Re: File Trigger


Could you please click Servers to display the list of the remote execution servers to see if your job server 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available for deploying and executing tasks?

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Re: File Trigger

@SaranyaKatakam , there are 2 minimum condition to be satisfied if this has to work.

1. talend services in the server where you are expecting file arrival

2. same user who controls tac (from linux side) has chown on trigger file


Also try with 'create' . 'modify' option apart from exist.