External Component on TAC

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External Component on TAC



I just downloaded external component from Talend Forge. I noticed that there are so many custom components there. I downloaded tMemoryMonitor and it works as it should be on Talend Open Studio.


However, when i try to run the same job with tMemoryMonitor in TAC using the Job Conductor, the component didn't show any information. the screenshot attached will give a better explanation.


What i did in the project is tMemoryMonitor>tKafkaInput>tLogRow.

When i run it on TOS, job will not stop unless i kill the job because i use tKafkaInput. Hence, the MemoryMonitor always give an information every 1 sec.

But, when i run it on TAC (Job Conductor), the job is automatically done (OK). KafkaInput is not running and MemoryMonitor is not showing any information (Kafka will always run if i remove MemoryMonitor Component).


Does the external component work in TAC? i've tried copying the external component to TAC .m2 but it didn't work as well. Am i making a mistake?


Please advice


Thank you in advance.

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Re: External Component on TAC

talend have a lot of add-on but how tac can answer memory usage?
how MemoryMonitor give you the resonse?
does it call a dos command with pid to get memory usage. I think so.
so it cannot get it on tac. tac is a scheduler and jobs run on services. services can run on windows or linux on remote computers so it may be complex to get this values.

good luck

Francois Denis

Tag as "solved" for others! Kudos to thanks!

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Re: External Component on TAC

Hi Denis,


Now i could check the memory usage for each job using PuTTY accessing the TAC. So i sort of resolved the problem by that.


Maybe this new question will be general for everyone to answer.

Does external component (Downloading from Talend Forge) will work in TAC Job Conductor?




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