Export logs from Talend Cloud

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Export logs from Talend Cloud

We are exporting logs from Talend Cloud to S3. They are named by flow execution ID. Is there a way to capture the execution Id as a variable and use it in an alert (send mail or something)? Or, is there a way to make the job name a tag that can be searched? The only way to find a log is to find the job in TIC first and locate the execution id, but then there's no need to go to S3 unless the log is older than 30 days. The job name is buried in the log and not searchable on S3. I'm just curious how others are able to effectively use the logs in S3.


Re: Export logs from Talend Cloud


Do you want to get the flowId / flowExecutionId or logs for an execution from the TIC webGUI?

With your solution, are you able to see all the executions in Run History section?

For each execution we could see a link for log.

Once you click on it there will be a pop up, the flowExecutionId and flowId are highlighted here.


let us know if it is what you are looking for?

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