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Creating new project with SVN



I have got my Talend EE installation v6.X just completed. I'm trying to create the first project but SVN connection isn't successful and an hour long search with the forum didn't yield any fruitful result. I followed the installation document and the Url I use is - http://<Linux host name>:80/svn/my_repo

When I click save, I get an error message as:

Save failed <url> is not a valid url. For more information see your log file. It doesn't tell me the location of the log file too.


Re: Creating new project with SVN



First make sure your SVN Url is accessible in a browser.  If it is, then your SVN is working properly.  If not, then you need to fix that first.


The log files configuration is done in TAC in the Configuration page.  See the logs section.  You can specify 2 different files, one for business.log and one for technical.log.  You should give a full path to the file and the directory structure should exist.  You can change the log level there.  If you don't want to use logserver, you can clear the logserver field.

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Re: Creating new project with SVN

My installation path is /svn/my_repo. When I try to access from web browser with only the localhost, I land on the default "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page" where it says Apache server works. But the moment, I add the svn path I get an error as below,


Not Found

The requested URL /svn was not found on this server.


The Url when I get the error as above is "http://<localhost>/svn/my_repo". I have no clue of why it wouldn't work.

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Re: Creating new project with SVN

Check this link for setting up SVN.