Creating a Dashboard to monitor Talend Activities

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Creating a Dashboard to monitor Talend Activities

I wish to get the following information in a dashboard which are used by the admin to monitor. Just wanted to know is there any tool that are already available in Talend to get such info or is there any easiest way to achieve this scenario. 

    1. Number of Job servers.
    2. Number of Tac servers.
    3. Number of jobs locked in each environment.
    4. ID's holding the maximum number of locks.
    5. Overall status of all the job servers and TAC servers.
    6. Status of jobs on projects wise.
    7. Number of jobs ran on previous day and number of jobs completed successfully by project wise.
    8. Number of jobs deployed on previous day

Note some of these can also be interactive. (like any user can request to see the no. of jobs ran on previous week instead of previous day and the dashboard should be capable to handle such situations too.)


Re: Creating a Dashboard to monitor Talend Activities


You can access the list of execution servers. In the Menu tree view of Talend Administration Center's home page, expand Conductor and click  to display the list of the remote execution servers available for deploying and executing tasks.TalendHelpCenter:Accessing the list of execution servers

Here is online Talend Activity Monitoring Console user guide about:TalendHelpCenter:GUI of the monitoring console.

Hope it helps.

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