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Cannot run tac service automatically on linux machine

Hi All,
I have installed Talend 5.6.1 on Linux box.
Here is the details - RHEL - 7.1 and Java - 1.6.0_45 and database - Oracle 11g
I have installed successfully. 
But I have problem with TAC service. 
I am not able to run service automatically on Linux box thru the command "service service-name start" and also I tried with  
"systemctl start talend-tac" and there is no log file generated.
But I can run it manually starting service from tac folder "./"

I can see other services like cmdline and jobserver are running automatically.
Can anyone let me know is this a bug or issue?

Re: Cannot run tac service automatically on linux machine

Hi Shilpa,
Have you already reported a ticket on Talend Support Portal?
In this way, we can give you a remote assistance to see if it is a bug.
Best regards
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