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Cannot flush and commit transaction

Hello Experts,

We have built an HA Architecture (2 TAC + 3 Job Server) and we have execution plan that consists of 100 tasks running in parallel.

When we are trying to run that execution plan , our TAC gets hanged and we could see that hardly 1 or 2 job makes entry to target database and rest all job looks like stuck.

After checking technical log on TAC server I found below error:

2017-08-23 11:47:49 ERROR ConductorService - java.lang.RuntimeException: org.talend.administrator.common.exception.ProcessedException: !!!Cannot flush and commit transaction.!!!

DB string in file is set to something like this for mysql DB.

database.url=jdbc:mysql://<DB URL>?useSSL=false


Kindly help me with your thoughts on resolution.






Re: Cannot flush and commit transaction


Is it a random case? On which talend build version you got this issue? Is your license Ok with you?

Best regards


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Re: Cannot flush and commit transaction

Hello Sabrina,


This has been noticed quite often on technical.log files. We are using talend 6.3.1 and there is no issue with license.


Ticket #00080502 has been raised for this issue and I am still waiting for a solution on this.