Cannot configure H2 DB to be used in TOS for MDM CE.

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Cannot configure H2 DB to be used in TOS for MDM CE.

I downloaded MDM 5.6.2 (community edition. i.e. open source free one), I can connect to it, create data models and enter data using the Web UI (hosted on a Jboss AS).  Everything is fine.
Now, I want my data to be stored in a H2 database. Because right-now the data is stored in XML files (according to the user guide). 
How can I (a.) configure the built-in H2 database?.
I browsed the installation guide, and user guide for MDM 5.6.2, but it has no information on these.  The web help guide has a procedure described here, however it says that "To help you administrate the H2 embedded database, a dedicated Web console is available directly from Talend Administration Center.".
The TAC, if I am not mistaken is only available in the Enterprise Edition, right?
Does this mean that ,even the H2 DB is available only with the Enterprise edition???
This user guides and other web-guides are not clear on this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Cannot configure H2 DB to be used in TOS for MDM CE.

For your job requirement, please check document:
In addition, we have obliterated XML DB support since Talend 6.0
Please see jira issue:
Best regards
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Re: Cannot configure H2 DB to be used in TOS for MDM CE.

Sabrina, you link is the one to the Installation & Upgrade guide. I have the PDF version of that also. But it does not have how to configure MDM to store the repository objects and data in a H2 database.  
If you search the PDF version of the "Talend Open Studio for MDM Installation and Upgrade Guide 5.6.2", and search that PDF for "h2" you get only ONE match. 
My understanding is that the H2 database should be added as a "Server Location" in the Open Studio for MDM under "Server Explorer". But when you right-click and select "Add Server Location", you have to give the server name. Here, do we have to give the H2 server name???? How to configure this???


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