All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

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All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

All our Talend jobs in Talend Integration Cloud are failing after a RE server reboot yesterday. The error that Cloud Integration Interface shows is misleading since even when there is only one job running same error is shows:


Deploy Failed:
Exceeded the limit of executions per engine. Run this Flow on another Remote Engine.



CPU/RAM on RE server is not pegged at all.


On RE Server Talend services are up as well:



Is there something on the Talend RE Server that needs to brought up manually?



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Re: All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

In Talend documentation I came across this:




Here is the source URL:


It looks like I need to run trun executable on the Remote Engine server.


Any thoughts on this?



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Re: All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

Another day of failed jobs.


In Talend docs - it says that I probably need to run start.bat - I guess that starts Karaf in the background.


Also, I have noticed that Apache Tomcat is not running on the Remote Engine server.


Now I am not sure what needs to be done to fix this issue - should I run trun, start.bat or run start Tomcat?


Any thoughts?


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Re: All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

Still not luck - all jobs executed from TIC are still failing. I see following in the Karaf log under C:\RemoteEngine-21\data\log:



2018-10-08T09:54:16,245 | INFO  | pool-32-thread-1 | RemoteHeartbeatSender            | 159 - pairing-agent - 2.1.0 | Sending heartbeat...
2018-10-08T09:54:16,386 | INFO  | pool-32-thread-1 | PairingAgent                     | 159 - pairing-agent - 2.1.0 | ACTIVE is the same as current status. No further processing.
2018-10-08T09:54:19,371 | WARN  | ActiveMQ Transport: HTTP Reader | FailoverTransport                | 182 - org.apache.activemq.activemq-osgi - 5.14.5 | Transport ( failed , attempting to automatically reconnect: {} Failed to perform GET on: Reason: Socket Closed
 at org.apache.activemq.util.IOExceptionSupport.create( [182Smiley Surprisedrg.apache.activemq.activemq-osgi:5.14.5]
 at [182Smiley Surprisedrg.apache.activemq.activemq-osgi:5.14.5]
 at [?:?]
Caused by: Socket Closed



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Re: All jobs failing after RE Server reboot

Looks like issue had to do with trac.bat. It creates a runtime and needs to be running. So now we scheduled it to run every time server boots. To run it in the background you need to run the start.bat file and not trac.bat.


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