Accessing TAC Job Conductor via Talend ESB Service.

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Accessing TAC Job Conductor via Talend ESB Service.

Is it possible to access TAC via ESB Services?


I have an ESB Service that returns log info about Jobs that have run.


I currently use the TAC MetaServlet API to make the initial request for Jobs in the Job Conductor (this is done in a third party service). I then call my ESB Service with the TAC Job ID's to get more info about those jobs runs. 


What I want to do is replace the third-party service that makes the call to TAC with a single call to the ESB Service. The issue is I don't know if it's possible to request TAC info, in this case the Job Conductor within the ESB Service. If someone can help point me in the right direction that would be great.



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Re: Accessing TAC Job Conductor via Talend ESB Service.

This is possible and I do precisely this. You are practically there with your existing use of the MetaServlet. Why can you not use the MetaServlet within your ESB environment? I do this with a Talend Route (which in my case is driven by files arriving in a folder structure, but you can have this driven by whatever you want). When a file arrives the route calls a job which identifies which which TAC task needs to be run using the metaservlet. It then either runs the task or creates a new version of the task and runs it. There is absolutely no reason why you need to be outside of the Talend environment in order to use the metaservlet

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Re: Accessing TAC Job Conductor via Talend ESB Service.

Thanks for replying. I did just that and called the TAC API just within the Job via a rest client. At the time I wasn't positive that there wasn't a built-in component with a GUI interface to manage the API calls as to not have to hardcode or construct the base64 querystring. Thanks again.


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