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AMC displays no data in TAC . How to enable it.

Whenever i am trying to see AMC console it is blank not showing any data. 


ENV : Talend enterprise 5.4 version


Q1: How to enable AMC view in talend enterprise 5.4 version. ? what setting need to check here. 

Q2: Name the responsible table for AMC view and so that we can connect and check data in mysql table. 





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Re: AMC displays no data in TAC . How to enable it.

There is quite a bit to learn about the AMC which it looks like you are not aware of. I have written some tutorials about this. You can find them here....


There is also this put together by Talend.....


Basically you need to prepare the AMC tables yourself. You need to configure your jobs to use it. You need to enable it in the Studio (if you want to view stats in eth Studio. You also need to configure it in the TAC. The above links cover all of this.

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