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User Guide: Sections that need clarity

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Re: User Guide: Sections that need clarity

In section  "6.1.Configure the Job", 

"Go to contexts and open AWS_S3_Context" I think this is the first step not a description of the section. 


"S3_Access_Key and S3_Secret_Key variables." There is already an Access Key & Secret Key there, do I need to change these? 


"Open Oodle_Default_Context context, specify the path under studio_jobserver_homedir....."  This looks like two steps of a different task, is this correct? 

1) Open Oodle_Default_Context context

2) Specify the path under studio_jobserver_homedir i.e. landing directory where the S3 files should be copied to in the job server.


"studio_jobserver_homedir" Will this directory be automatically created for me? If I set it to /data/jobserver_home will it create /data & jobserver_home directories?

"Make sure that directory has write permission to ‘Talend’ user". Do I have to SSH to a different server (I'm on the Studio sever via X11). 

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Re: User Guide: Sections that need clarity

6.2.Configure Nexus in Talend Studio


"In the Preferences dialogue, select Nexus -> Artifact Repository" - Missing a level in the hierarchy

In the Preferences dialogue, select Talend -> Nexus -> Artifact Repository


My artifact repository looks different from the screenshot.It's pretty easy to figure out what has been remapped. I have:

Release URL

Snapshot URL

Group ID

User name